PT FWD Asset Management, previously known as PT First State Investments Indonesia, is an asset management business committed to delivering high quality investment solutions for our clients. We employ professional investment managers who share our core values and processes, operating within a rigorous risk and corporate governance framework.

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Investment in Mutual Funds contains risks. Prospective investors should read and understand the contents of the prospectus before deciding to invest. Past performance does not reflect and cannot guarantee future performance. Net Asset Value (NAV) of each mutual fund and the performance of the Fund may go up and down, there is the possibility that the value of investments earned is less than the initial value of the investment. 
If you need more information about this product, please contact us or our Mutual Fund Sales Agent. PT FWD Asset Management is registered and supervised by OJK and obtain its business license from OJK (previously Bapepam-LK) on December 2003 whose business license number: KEP-12/PM/MI/2003.