FWD Asset Dividend Yield Equity Fund

FWD Asset Dividend Yield Equity Fund is an equity mutual fund whose portfolio is invested primarily in Indonesian listed equities with high dividend yields, which can be expected to have more stable returns (income equity fund).

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FWD Asset Dividend Yield Equity Fund aims to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing in Indonesian equities, with an emphasis on stocks with strong financials and high dividend yields. The fund is designed for income-oriented equity investors who also wish to grow their investments through share price appreciation over the long term. The fund may also invest in the remainder in bonds, money market instruments, and in foreign denominated securities as regulations permit.

Fund Characteristics
  • Actively managed equity-income fund with bottom up selection process
  • Focus on stocks with high dividend yields, to offer a relatively greater degree of stability
  • Ideal for investors with long term investment horizon
  • Return potential: high
  • Risk level: high


Investment involves risks. Investors should read the Prospectus before deciding whether to subscribe for or purchase units in the Fund. The value of the units in the Fund(s) and the income from them may rise as well as fall. Past performance figures are not necessarily a guide to future performance. Neither is any forecast made necessarily indicate of the future or likely performance of the Fund(s).