FWD Asset USD Opportunities Equity Fund

FWD Asset USD Opportunities Equity Fund is an equity fund denominated in U.S Dollars, in which investment was limited to stocks/companies which has above-average value and/or growth, good liquidity and implement good corporate governance, with the hope of achieving optimal and (sustainable) return.

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FWD Asset USD Opportunities Equity Fund may also invest some of its money in in foreign securities, as per prevailing regulations. The fund aim to gain the incremental of capital value and long term growth by investing in qualified stocks.

Fund Characteristics
  • Actively-managed equity fund, where stock selection is done using bottom-up approach
  • The fund portfolio contains large and/or small cap stocks predominantly denominated in IDR and money market instruments denominated in USD
  • Preference over stocks/companies with attractive value and/or growth potential and ample liquidity
  • The product is an ideal product for long-term investors
  • Return potential: high
  • Risk level: high


Investment involves risks. Investors should read the Prospectus before deciding whether to subscribe for or purchase units in the Fund. The value of the units in the Fund(s) and the income from them may rise as well as fall. Past performance figures are not necessarily a guide to future performance. Neither is any forecast made necessarily indicate of the future or likely performance of the Fund(s).