How to Invest


Before subscribing to any Mutual Fund, investors must read and understand the contents of the prospectus and all provisions therein.
First time investor must complete Know Your Customer and Risk Profile Form and submit documents required for Know-Your-Customer Process. For every subscription of mutual funds, investor must complete the Subscription Form and send it to us along with the transfer receipt signifying the fund transfer into the relevant mutual fund account.  

If mutual fund subscription will be done by selling agent then investor should open a client account at selling agent or at bank appointed by selling agent and subscribe the mutual fund by completing subscription form and submit the document required by selling agent

Investor able to redempt part or all mutual funds unit on bourse day accordance term and condition stated in prospectus. For redemption transaction, investor must complete redemption form and/or submit the document  required by selling agent if investor bought the mutual funds through selling agent previously (if any). 

Investors who wish to switch their investment in one mutual fund to another must complete Switching Form, and complete other documents required by  selling agent (if any)

Important Note
Based on Bapepam no. IV.B.1, any subscription, additional Subscription or redemption/switching forms and currency investments (money deemed in good funds) received by the Investment Manager before 1:00 pm WIB, the Subscribed Units will be processed based on the Net Asset Value per Unit as of end of the bourse day. If the form or fund transfer (money deemed in good funds) received by the Investment Manager after 1:00 pm WIB , the Subscribed Units will be booked based on the Net Asset Value per Unit (NAV/unit) as of end of the next bourse day.

Complaint Procedure
Any suggestion, complaint or grievance regarding the mutual fund, investors may contact selling agent where investor execute the transaction or may contact our sales representative at +6221 2935 3300 or email us at