Privacy Policy
Welcome to website of PT FWD Asset Management (“FWD Asset Management”). In the commitment of FWD Asset Management to provide best online services to the customers and/or public (“You” or “Your”), FWD Asset Management has the rights to collect and use your data to provide the best financial services and/or products to meet your needs. By continue to use FWD Asset Management ’s service through this website, You are deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the privacy policy of FWD Asset Management as may be amended from time to time related to the collection, storage, utilization, and disclosure of customers and/or public’s personal data.
FWD Asset Management would not collect any information and data to identify you personally unless and to the extent you use or buy FWD Asset Management’s financial services, or deliver personal information for vacancy application purposes or other relation with FWD Asset Management. FWD Asset Management is fully responsible for the collection, storage, utilization, and/or disclosure of customer’s personal data obtained through this website. You may choose not to provide your personal data to us. Should you choose to provide your personal data, then you trust FWD Asset Management to be directly provide business with or services to you. By complying the prevailing laws, FWD Asset Management shall perform the security, elimination, and extermination in natural basis of customer’s personal data to prevent any access without permission from a third party.
You have the right to access, rectify, or raise a question related to your personal data to FWD Asset Management.

Intellectual Property Rights
By taking into account the Indonesian prevailing laws, every data and information which provided through this website will be deemed and remain to be the property of FWD Asset Management, and FWD Asset Management has the right to use it for FWD Asset Management ’s business purposes.

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The Use of Information
Data and information, including text, graphic, video, audio, link or other materials contained in this website may be changed from time to time in accordance with FWD Life’s policy. Data and information, published in this website considered to be public information. FWD Asset Management does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of information including for not responsible for any loss caused by the inaccuracy or incompleteness of the respective information. Without FWD Asset Management’s permission, none of information contained in this website may be copied or redistributed.
Each product or services referred or offered in this website apply in FWD Asset Management’s jurisdiction. Any party who is in different jurisdiction accessing this website, shall be deemed understand the prevailing law and put FWD Asset Management free from any claims which may arise in relation with the use of data and information of this website by the respective party.
Any party accessing this website is suggested to obtain a professional advice according to their needs for every product or services offered by FWD Asset Management.

Limitation of Liability
FWD Asset Management would not be liable for any loss, including direct or indirect loss, intentional or unintentional loss, loss or expense caused by the abuse or incapability of any party to use, or performance failure, errors, negligence, distraction, defect, operationalization or delivery delay, computer virus or system or network failure, even if with or without prior notification to FWD Asset Management.

Internet Communications
Security and confidentiality of data and information sent through the internet cannot be guaranteed. FWD Asset Management is not responsible for any direct, indirect, specific or sustainable caused by the use of this website. Internet communication may be hampered, disturbed, disconnected, or not perfectly delivered due to the internet network disruption or false data transmission.
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